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Armagh Observatory & Planetarium marks 50 years since Apollo moon landing with major summer event programme

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium starts official count down to new ‘One Giant Leap’ summer programme of events to mark man’s pioneering space adventure

Mankind’s very first foray beyond the Earth into the cosmos will be celebrated in Northern Ireland this year by the iconic Armagh Observatory and Planetarium which has launched a special festival event programme to mark this major event in human history.

Marking a full 50 years since the Apollo II lunar lander made history as the first spaceflight to take humans to the surface of another world – landing astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon on July 20th 1969 – the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium’s ‘One Giant Leap’ inspiring programme of events will provide old and new generations a choice of opportunities to celebrate, experience and learn about this historic event.

Powered with Augmented Reality technology, immersive full dome shows, traditional film, exhibitions, workshops and experiential events, all designed to get visitors into the headspace of a nervously excited young astronaut in 1969, the programme kicks off in early July and runs until the end of August.  The events are designed for people of all ages to get involved.