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Lidl Northern Ireland Reviews over 850 Own-Brand Products and Commits to Significant Salt & Sugar Reductions by 2020

Lidl Northern Ireland is reviewing over 850 own-brand products as part of a commitment to reduce added sugar content by 20%, it confirmed today [22 February]. Northern Ireland’s fastest-growing retailer also confirmed that it plans to reduce salt levels in accordance with best practice standards* by the end of next year across at least 30% of its product range.

A recent Health and Nutrition Policy published by Lidl Northern Ireland outlined its strategy for reducing the sugar and salt content in own brand products and is being rolled out across the island of Ireland in response to customer demand for healthier food choices.

The nutritional pledge indicates how Lidl is aware of the positive impact that food retailers could have on the prevention of obesity in Northern Ireland. The salt and sugar pledge aims to achieve a reduction in the amount salt and sugar in foods eaten regularly by consumers and to help create a healthier food environment.

To actively promote healthier nutrition to customers, Lidl Northern Ireland is committed to delivering on the following targets:

  • Sugar: Lidl Northern Ireland will reduce the added sugar content in own brand products by 20% by the end of 2020 focusing primarily on foods that are popular with and consumed by children. Food categories such as breakfast cereals, spreads, sauces, and sweet confectionery will be a major focus. Lidl Northern Ireland will be reviewing approximately 350 own brand products in order to reach this sugar target.
  • Salt: Lidl Northern Ireland will reduce the salt content of own-brand products in line with the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) 2017 salt targets by the end of 2020. The reduction of salt first focuses on food categories that are consumed on a regular basis and generally make up a large share of the daily salt intake including; ready meals, soups, pizzas, crisps, cakes and meat products. Over 500 of Lidl Northern Ireland’s own brand products will be reviewed to reach this salt target.