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Rushmere Shopping Centre gives the gift of stories

Shopping centre set for shoppers’ good books with new lending library concept

Rushmere Shopping Centre, known for its commitment to the local community and its unique shopping experience, has introduced a ‘Lending Library’ to its mall.

The concept, which has arrived in perfect time for World Book Day, will be a permanent fixture in the shopping centre throughout 2019 and invites shoppers to enjoy the gift of literature by borrowing and enjoying a free book from the bookcart, which will be located in the centre of the mall beside the Customer Service desk.

Avid bookworms can look on the concept as a community library where they can donate books for others to enjoy, exchange them one-for-one and lend them to read at home too. Books can also be taken and read in one of Rushmere’s many coffee shops or comfortable and leisurely relaxation areas across the mall.

It is hoped that the ‘Lending Library’ will see new customers and their families from neighbouring areas, along with regular Rushmere shoppers and of all ages and interests, sharing their favourite literature titles to create a community hub for people to connect and converse.

Not only does the concept create an additional recreational outlet for the local community to enjoy, it also offers the Centre’s retail and operations staff a rewarding and worthwhile experience to switch-off on their breaks.

The concept was launched by Rushmere Shopping Centre Manager, Martin Walsh, who was joined by local bookworms Alex (aged 4) and Abigail (aged 9).