Retailer launches ‘Waste Not’ initiative to combat food waste in all 39 stores across Northern Ireland

  • Consumers will see up to 90% price reductions on a range of fresh, chilled food products when they reach best before date
  • Initiative to reduce food waste by 137,500 kg annually

Lidl Northern Ireland today announced the launch of its ‘Waste Not’ initiative, rolling out across all 39 stores from Thursday 5th December, creating a significant price reduction on a range of chilled food products that have reached their best before date but are still perfectly fresh and fine to eat.

Fresh meat, poultry, fish, and chilled products such as prepared salads, cooked meats, milk and yoghurts, will all qualify for a price reduction through ‘Waste Not’, with the reduction varying per product type:

  • Fresh meat, poultry, and fish products priced £3 or less will reduce to £0.90 whilst those priced over £3 will reduce to £2 on their best before date.
  • Fresh chilled products, such as prepared salads, cheeses and cold cooked meats priced £1 or less will reduce to £0.20 whilst those priced over £1 will reduce to £0.70.

Reduced products through ‘Waste Not’ will be clearly displayed and available to customers in a newly branded area, located in the chilled food section of all 39 stores across Northern Ireland. Each store will refresh the area once a day to include a wide range of products for purchase. The initiative complements Lidl’s existing partnership with FoodCloud, established in 2017, which sees surplus fresh fruit, vegetables and ambient products donated to hundreds of local charities across the country. Since 2017, over 400,000 meals have been donated by Lidl to charities right across Northern Ireland.