Marking the 50th anniversary of mankind’s first steps on the moon, ‘CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story’ was created by NASA and it opens next month exclusively at the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium kicks of a major summer-long series of events next month to officially mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo II moon landing, celebrating mankind’s first major foray into the cosmos and Neil Armstrong’s breath-taking lunar steps.

As part of the programme, a new and thrilling 360-degree immersive movie will be showcased at the Planetarium’s stunning dome from Saturday 20 July, revealing the jaw-dropping achievements of NASA’s Apollo programme and the huge amount of work that went in to putting the first human on the moon.

With stunning high definition visuals, animation and sound, the NASA-created movie, CAPCOM GO!, spans from the earliest days of the space race right through to the final lunar landing and is guaranteed to inspire generations of all ages. Armagh Planetarium is the only venue in Ireland which his permitted by NASA to host this movie spectacular.

As well as facts and fun involved, this informative 30-minute film flight also highlights the dangerous testing that was carried out to make the moon mission a success, as well as the lives that were lost as part of this accurate, true-life depiction of an incredible moment in history.