Lidl Northern Ireland, the first major nationwide employer to commit to paying the real Living Wage in 2015, has made a further commitment to its employees to match the latest hourly wage rate of £9.30, as recommended by Living Wage Foundation.

The move will see wages increase from £9.00 to £9.30 per hour for 300 employees across Northern Ireland. All other employees working in Lidl already earn in excess of the real Living Wage rate.

The announcement follows the recent recommendation by the Living Wage Foundation that hourly rates should rise to £9.30 to reflect the real cost of living in the United Kingdom. Higher than the government-set ‘National Living Wage’, the pay level advised by the Foundation serves as independent guidance for employers. Its adoption is voluntary and organisations are free to choose whether to implement it.

Lidl’s continued, proactive commitment to paying the real Living Wage is one of a number of initiatives introduced to all 880 employees across the region in recent years. As the company continues to rapidly grow in the market, it continues to share its success with all employees. Current employee benefits provided by Lidl Northern Ireland include;

• Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave: Lidl is the only supermarket to offer paid maternity as well as paternity leave to all employees across the region.
• Guaranteed minimum of 30 hour contracts: Like many retail businesses a high proportion of employees are on part-time contracts for various reasons from flexibility to operational requirements. Lidl recently offered contracts with a minimum of 30 hours to all store and warehouse employees to facilitate their changing needs.
• Employee Assistance Programme: A free, confidential counselling service is offered by Lidl to employees through Laya Healthcare’s Employee Assistance Programme. It offers support to Lidl employees and their families by providing immediate help and guidance in managing whatever work or personal issues they are facing.
• Paid Volunteering: Lidl provides all employees with the opportunity to take part in a paid Volunteer Day every year. Employees are encouraged to spend a day volunteering with charities in their local community.
• Comprehensive Training Programmes: Employees benefit from extensive training and development opportunities.
• Pension contributions after one year with the company.
• Paid health insurance for salaried employees.