Vehicle Vision has launched the new “Assist” application which will enable convenient, smart and safe interaction between motorists and dealerships in all areas of automotive services. The founders of the new smart communications platform, the first of its kind for the automotive industry, have said it will have a transformative impact on the customer-dealership relationship.

Since 2010, Vehicle Vision has specialised in delivering industry-leading video systems for the aftersales and sales automotive retail environments. Its ongoing product development, training and support is centred on empowering dealerships and customers to get the best possible experience and interaction through use of video.

The new platform will allow customers to send video footage of their vehicle to dealerships for the purposes of diagnosis, repair quotations or exchange valuations, reducing the time customers have to physically spend in the showroom or workshop. In addition, Assist means that dealerships can confidently and accurately assess the condition and part-exchange price of a vehicle before it even enters the premises.

The technology requires no downloads or training by the customer and the mobile-friendly browser and interface will ensure an intuitive and easy-to-use experience. Customers are sent a link by their dealership which allows them to automatically access the platform from the comfort of their own home.